Gold Buying Services

Gold Purchasing Services

Gold buying and selling is an area that blends naturally with the jewelry business. Unlike pawn shops, jewelers consistently work with gold and other metals every day, which makes a jewelry store the ideal setting to sell your gold. With over 90 years of combined experience, our experts are able to extend our industry expertise to help you feel safe, confident and knowledgeable about selling your gold items. Our repeat customers continue to use us because we are fully licensed, insured and we form trusting relationships with our customers.

Where can I sell my gold?

A jewelry store is often the safest, trouble-free solution when it comes to selling your unwanted or unused gold. The process of selling your gold through a local gold buyer should be smooth and simple, while the trust established by setting foot in a physical storefront outweighs any perceived benefit of selling your gold through mail. By coming to visit us in our Gilbert showroom you will be provided with a local, convenient way to sell your gold pieces and you will be able to find out an immediate price offer in a friendly, safe location.

Best Prices for Gold Buying

Any time you are selling something it’s wise to shop around to make sure you are getting the best prices. When it comes to selling your gold this still rings true! We encourage you to go to our competitors to see what range of prices you are offered. We strive to offer the best market prices for your gold items, but we want you to be informed and confident in your decision to sell to us. The appraisals we give when making an offer to buy your gold are free of charge and you can expect a pressure-free, stress-free experience with no hassle. We even offer some tips you can use to get the best price when it comes to selling your gold.

Our friendly staff is knowledgeable about the gold buying process as well as other gold buyers in the Gilbert and Phoenix area. We take the time to sit down with you and answer any questions you may have about the process, our offer, or information you’ve learned from other gold buyers. There are never any bad questions when it comes to making yourself informed!

What type of gold items do we buy?

  • Unwanted or broken jewelry
  • Dental gold
  • Gold rings
  • White gold
  • Watches
  • Gold coins
  • Mismatched gold earrings
  • Outdated gold jewelry
  • Old class rings
  • Scrap gold

What kind of gold buyers are we?

We are honest gold buyers with low pressure. Not only are we considered top gold buyers in the Gilbert and Phoenix area because of the high prices we offer, we are also top gold buyers because of our honest reputation. We evaluate each gold piece you choose to sell to us individually, never in bulk. Each item is checked for karat weight and the pricing is weighed accordingly using only licensed, certified scales. This ensures that you are given the highest market value for each item.

Not sure if one of your items is gold? Don’t worry! We weigh each item individually and will test any gold piece you are unsure of free of charge.

Our customers continue to put their trust in us and we truly are proud of the prices we are able to offer our customers. There is no appointment necessary and we look forward to working with you!